Here are some of the resources that I use that have proven to be highly effective in helping my clients break through their personal barriers and reach inspiring new heights.

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Joseph Murphy - Power Of Your Subconscio

The Power of [unlocking] your subconscious 

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Joseph Murphy, Ph.D, D.D.

There is no doubt that the subconscious mind is one of the most elusively understood subjects when it comes to personal development. This powerful and unique book gives insight into not only what our subconscious is but also how it works and how we can better connect with its intentions. Murphy uses this book to address the subconscious mind as the basis for which all decisions are made. Imprinted in the subconscious are our principles and values that govern the decision making process. Therefore, according to Murphy, if we can influence our subconscious with new principles and values that will serve us more, we will intuitively make more decisions aligned with these underlying principles. From covering the misuse of prayer to the attainment of everlasting happiness, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind is an infallible tool in personal progress.

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The Power of principles


Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio is by far one of the most influential people in the creation of my own personal principles. His “pain + reflection = progress” motto is an excellent principle in itself for assessing forward progress. Dalio not only describes the difference between principles and values, he also demonstrates how to cultivate each so that they will serve both your professional and personal life. Principles are more than just rules on how to live your life; they are the driving force behind the journey you experience. Without an explicit parameters to guide our moral compass, we compromise who we are and what we believe for the acceptance or benefit of others. This book teaches you to define your principles so that you can define the means by which you will reach your ultimate potential and maximize personal progress.

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The Power of habit

The Power of Habit

Charles Duhigg

An absolute favorite of mine! We all have perceived "good" habits and "bad" habits, however, it’s up to us to determine which ones are still serving us and which are now holding us back. The Power of Habit examines the relationship between the habits we exude and the rewards that we [think] we’ll receive in performing an action. This one is a MUST read for my business clients! When upscaling and expanding a business, most entrepreneurs fall into the trap of continuing old processes (habits) that once served them, but have now become outdated and downright detrimental. This book focuses on not just changing the initial input, but changing the response to the stimulus so that a more favorable outcome follows. Habits are incredibly powerful and this book serves as a clear guide on how to cultivate healthy ones and reframe unhealthy ones.

The Power of Self-Compassion

The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook

Kristin Neff, PhD; Christopher Germer, PhD

An incredible workbook, and guide, to developing self-compassion and sincere gratitude. This book goes in depth in exploring the relationships that we have with ourselves and how we can work to overcome personal insecurities. Often times, we share compassion for others who are hurt or are less fortunate than ourselves, but rarely do we treat ourselves with the same level of empathy and understanding. In this book, Neff goes in depth to challenge preexisting notions about empathy, compassion and gratitude. Compiled within the book are several exercises and meditations designed to help your discover the power of self-compassion in your life. A MUST read for Health and Wellness Coaching clients!

The Power of self-Discovery

Awaken the Giant Within

Tony Robbins

Self-discovery can be an overwhelming journey of uncertainty to undertake without some guidance. Tony Robbins has managed to create a No-BS program in this book that will TRULY Awaken the Giant Within! The only caveat: you MUST [should] do the work as instructed, WHEN instructed. This book is not one for those faint of heart in regards to radical change and rigorous honesty. Robbins guides you to opening up your internal operating psyche and get granular about the mental and emotional pathways that you choose to take and why. Self-discovery and growth only come through acceptance of shortcomings and this book strives to turn your mental/emotional liabilities into opportunities to overcome the challenges of life that are holding you back. Always recommend this as supplemental reading for my Personal Mastery clients because the resulting personal growth is undeniable!